All About Mountain Bikes

Mountain biking is one of the most popular sports and brings with a lot of excitement and that rush of adrenaline known only to people who experience those rides up and down the rough mountain terrains. The effort involved in the sport is huge and therefore one needs to select the right kind of bike for better performance.

Mountain bikes are also used by people who like to explore the hills and camp in the hills overnight. Isn’t it a lovely sight to be under the stars with your Nikon range finder telling you the distance from that beautiful owl on a tree a few meters away! If you are passionate about mountain biking, here are a few recommendations for you as to which bike to purchase-

Amongst the many companies that manufacture bikes and bike racks & accessories, GT bicycles is one of the most famous ones and one of the most popular ones. The first bike was rolled out way back in 1979 and this makes it one of the oldest companies to have existed in the bike manufacturing segment.

GT mountain bikes have won accolades ever since they were first introduced in the markets. GT mountain bikes are known for their three triangle frame designs. The company is known to have manufactured some unique bikes that have given bikers a great riding experience.

The BMX bikes introduced by the company a few years back comes with a protrusion from the top tube that goes on the other side of the seat tube. The company claimed that this reduced the vibrations from the seat to the wheel.

One has a large number of bikes to choose from and there is no doubt about the fact that GT mountain bikes offer the riders with unmatched comfort and control. Some of the most famous models are Vertigo, Pro Freestyle Tour, The GT Aggressor, The GT Zaskar Elite and El Centre. These are just some of the bikes amongst the large fleet of bikes that the company has.

Iron Horse Mountain Bikes

The Iron Horse Bicycles is a New York based company that has established a great standing in the market. The sales of the bicycles have always been on the rise and the company has made huge profits in the past few years.

Users have often enjoyed their stint with Iron horse mountain bikes as it gives them fantastic control and fabulous precision. Iron horse mountain bikes last long and provide the user with easy handling. Since 1987, Iron horse mountain bikes have been the first choice of professional bikers and racers.

The cost of the various bikes manufactured by Iron Horse Bicycles varies with the kind of bike. Some bikes are available for a decent amount while some of the latest bikes boast of an exorbitant price. However the quality of all the bikes manufactured by this company is excellent and with proper maintenance and proper care these bikes can last really long.

Various strategies have been employed by the company to give a tough competition to its rivals. The company came up with top frame designs and dual suspensions to capture the market and give the riders more flexibility. The company has also launched the do-link designs along with four bar frame designs that have been a huge hit in the markets.

Iron horse mountain bikes are available for kids as well. Kids who wish to pursue mountain biking as a career can find some fantastic products from Iron Horse Bicycles and can lift their training standards. Although there are a lot of good companies that manufacture bikes but Iron Horse is perhaps the best amongst them all and the popularity of the brand in America is a proof of the quality of bikes that the company manufactures.

Kona Mountain Bikes

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Kona is a bike manufacturing company that is known to have brought some fantastic bikes to the world of mountain biking. Kona is known for its state-of-the-art technology and the durability that comes with its bikes.

Some bikes like the Stab Supreme are best for downhill racing while some others like the Coilair Supreme are perfect for endurance racing. You also get a large variety of bikes to choose from in terms of looks, wheels, number of gears and suspensions.

Kona mountain bikes have enjoyed a fair bit of success and the sales have boasted of a handsome figure. If in case you already own a Kona mountain bike, you have a wide range of accessories to choose from. You can surf the internet to find out which accessories have been appreciated a lot by the users and where you can find them.

Kona mountain bikes first hit the roads in 1998 and the first bike, the Whistler Mountain Bike Park was a great success amongst the professional bikers and since then the Pacific Northwest based company has introduced a number of fantastic mountain bikes to counter the rough and bumpy terrains.

A lot many coaches also recommend Kona mountain bikes for training purposes. The safety standards are high and the youngsters enjoy riding Kona bikes to the maximum. It is a perfect bike to train a student and get him to learn various tricks of mountain biking.

Mongoose Mountain Bikes

Mongoose Mountain Bikes is a popular brand and enjoys the topmost position amongst the various bike manufacturers in the world. The bikes that the company manufacturers are categorized as BMX bikes meant for professional mountain biking and other bikes meant for riding on roads of cities. Both kinds of bikes ride high on style and offer great comfort to the rider.

Most of the Mongoose mountain bikes come with a hard tail and feature dual suspension. A large number of hybrid bikes are also available in the stores. Another unique feature of the company is the luxury bikes that it manufactures. These bikes are meant for people who wish to ride on the mountains without getting their legs strained and tensed.

Scott Mountain Bikes

The first Scott mountain bike was introduced in 1991 and with the first bike launched by Scott, the concept of Unishocks came into picture. Since then Scott mountain bikes have been very popular amongst bikers. The growing popularity and the growing profits allowed Scott mountain bikes to unveil its first carbon mountain bike in 1995.

This particular bike came with a fully suspended frame and is one of the lightest bikes available in the markets even today. This bike was appreciated by a large number of people all over the world and the sales of the bike shot up at a fast pace. If you are a mountain biking enthusiast then you must have heard of “G-Zero”. Till date “G-Zero” is one of the most famous names in the biking world. The concept came into existence in 1998 and in 2000 Scott became one of the major sponsors of road racing.

In 2005 Scott came up with “Ransom”. Ransom did the bikers a world of good and the state-of-the-art technology used in the manufacturing of the bike has not failed to stun biking enthusiasts.  The bike boasts of increases safety standards, light weight and a fine suspension style to provide the riders with maximum flexibility while riding the bike.

Irrespective of which bike you buy, make sure that you take your safety kit and other accessories like a powerful torch, a modern trail camera and sun protection along when you go biking. Safety always comes first and therefore to be on safe while biking in the hills, make sure you have all the necessary equipment.

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