Best Head Phones for Mountain Biking

Listening to music while you are mountain biking can enhance your experience and help you stay awake. But it is extremely important to follow safety guidelines when you wear headphones while you are bicycling outdoors.

You should always look for a pair of headphones that allows you to hear outside noise and are light weight. Heavy head phones tend to feel uncomfortable and cause you to sweat heavier. Below are some of the best head phones for mountain biking.

The best low-cost option

Bikers who are looking for the best affordable pair of head phones should check out the Sennheiser OCX 685i Sports have an ear loop ear bud design and produce a high quality of sound. These are a good pair of head phones for mountain biking because they allow you to hear the noise of the outside world. This is important when your mountain biking because it can help you stay safe. The best part about these headphones is that they are extremely durable despite the fact that they can be purchases for less than one hundred dollars.

The best Blue Tooth head phones

The best Blue Tooth headphones are the Jaybird Freedom Spirits. I really liked the fact that these head phones were super light-weight. They definitely won’t weigh you down when you are trying to exercise. The best part about these head phones is that they are cordless. Cords can get tangled and become a big problem when you are trying to ride. And the fact that the cords won’t get tangled can help you stay safe while you are outdoors. Riders might not like the fact that these headphones have to be charged.

The best one-ear option

If you are someone who wants to make sure they can hear while they ride outdoors, you might want to consider headphones that allow you to listen with only one ear. Being able to hear noise while you are outdoors can keep you safe and alert from animals and potential problems. A great option is the JLab In-Ear Single Earphone Style headset. One of the things that I really liked about these head phones is that they come in three cool colors. I got the pink pair for myself and bought a black pair for my dad. Another highlight about this pair of headphones is that they are affordable.

Best alternative solution

I know quite a few people who simply hate wearing earphones. This doesn’t mean you cannot listen to music on your ride! The past few years have seen incredible development and innovation in the portable Bluetooth speaker market. Several of these little speakers, like the Boombotix Rex, are specifically designed to be carried on your person, whether while hiking, riding or just about doing your daily commute. If you’re interested in one of these, drop in at and read a few well-informed reviews before making a purchase decision.

The overall top pick

One of the top head phones for mountain biking is bone conduction headphones from Aftershokz. This is the best pair for biking because the earphones sit on your cheekbones versus inside of your ears. This allows you to safely listen to music whenever you are outdoors. I really liked the design because my ears never got hot or sweaty. The design also prevents damage to your ears. You can listen to loud music without feeling guilty about the damage. A potential drawback about this pair of headphones is that they have to be charged up. Even though the battery life is long, it might be a problem for someone who is taking their headphones on a hiking trip.

When you are looking for a pair of headphones for mountain biking, don’t forget to look for a light weight pair that allows you to hear outdoor noise. Being able to hear outside noise while you ride will help keep you safe while you are outdoors.

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