On the Trail and On the Safer Side

TrailIs it the bumpy terrain or the test of will to ride your bicycle up a steep hill that gives you the much sought after thrill that you’ve searched all your life? Perhaps it is the fact that you’re in nature’s lap, allowing yourself to trust nature and find the perfect adventure that makes you want to hit trails on the roughest of terrains. As a mountain biker, it is important for you to have a high endurance and stay safe when out in the mountains.

Know your skills

It is always a bad idea to underestimate a trail or be full of overconfidence. When you look for a trail, you would find various kinds of trails. Right from rough and rocky trails to smooth and easy trails but in order to pick up the right trail, you need to analyze the train and your skills. If you’re a beginner, a flat trail with a few steep descents would do. If you have been on trails before, you can pick up trails with high climbs, steep drops, switchbacks and a lot of twist and turns. Begin on easier trails and practice hard before you take on tougher challenges. The first time you hit a tough trail, make sure that you are not alone and make sure that you are properly geared up. The right gear is equally important as your balance. If you ever had the opportunity to  ride one of the best balance bikes in your childhood, you would know how the weight of gear can change the way you balance your bike – it takes a few significant adjustments which you cannot afford to ignore and it comes with practice. Your gear is very important to keep you safe. Padded shorts, knee and elbow pads, gloves, waterproof jacket and a helmet are absolute musts for anyone looking to find the perfect ride. When you’re doing a physical task, it is important that your body feels comfortable while doing it.

Therefore you should be dressed for comfort and not for style. Get light shoes and ones that fir into your pedals’ cleats. Similarly a decent pair of sun glasses can help you a lot. Carry a few bandages and a small first aid kit with you. Practice is very important when it comes to mountain biking and in order to practice hard and keep your motivation levels up, you ought to work out on a regular basis to be fit. If you are not keen on working out, you can try out activities like yoga, tai chi or even martial arts to help you polishes your reflexes and give your body the flexibility and agility that make a prerequisite for a proper mountain biking. Similarly, you need to ensure that you eat light and keep yourself hydrated.

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