Top Rated Power Washers For Business Owners

As an owner of an bike shop there are many things that you must own to keep your business in shape.  While I try to focus as much as I can on fixing and selling high quality mountain bikes, the sad part is that this only represents about 25% of my day.  Cleaning my building, accounting and paying bills is essential for a business owner and especially one like myself who is working alone.  I took some time out to go over some of the power washers that I have used in the past and that I recommend to anyone that is buying one for their business.bikke

For those who do not own one of these bad boys and have any type of warehouse setup I highly recommend it.  I am able to clean the concrete floors and walls in no time with a pressure washer.   Some are not as good as others and that is why I made this list.  Also, I use a lower powered pressure washer such as the AR Blue model to clean off my bikes before I display them on my floor.


Firing up one of these top rated power washers can transform your dreary looking property into a dirt free zone. Are you ready to get clean? The following are the leading powers washers to consider for your next equipment purchase:

Generac 6024

If you were to check out the comments on retail websites, you’ll find that this model of power washer is getting rave reviews. A major selling point for customers is the ability to switch up the water pressure using five separate spray tips. This allows the users to regulate that mighty 3,100-psi power to fit the job. There is a handy storage compartment on the unit for all those spray tips. As for other design features, an automatic motor shut off protects the washer if the oil level dips below the recommended point. Another common refrain about the Generac 6024 is the high-quality components that make up the unit. Those parts set up this top rated power washer for a long life span.

AR Blue Clean AR383

You would be hard-pressed to find a power washer with comparable high-end triplex pump at the price of the AR383. With a psi of 1,900, this unit is best suited for all your household cleanup projects like tackling your decks, patio and even a grimy car. With a quick adjustment of the spray nozzle, you’ll also be able to take on tougher jobs like stripping adhesive residue or dried concrete from pavement stones. Because of the lightweight design, the AR383 is extremely easy to move from one location to another. AR has a solid reputation for putting out high performance pumps and this model is no exception.

Karcher K5.540

This top of the line washer packs quite a punch with 2,000-psi. Thanks to the superior induction motor, you’ll discover that this washer can run non-stop for extended periods of time. There are two spray wand attachments and an onboard soap storage compartment that makes cleaning less of a chore and more of a “breeze.” The unit is compact and easy to operate.

Simpson Powershot

You’re into heavy duty cleaning territory with this Honda commercial-grade unit that produces a mighty 4,200-psi. This is a unit used by many certified contractors and construction workers. Those oversize tires let you wheel the unit across just about any surface. If you’re looking for the top rated power washers used by the pros, look no further.


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